If you have questions about working with Robert’s Mechanical or about how to apply for a job, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll also find links to many of the important documents that our employees and subcontractors need for doing business with RMS. If you can’t find an answer to your questions, or you can’t find a document you need, then please contact us for assistance.

Payroll Inquiries

1. When do employees get paid?
Robert’s Mechanical Services employees are paid bi-weekly according to the payroll calendar available here (click link to access form).
2. How do sub-contractors get paid?
Sub-contractors need to submit an invoice according to the payroll calendar by 12:00pm on the Monday following payroll close. Click here (click link to access form) to see the payroll calendar.
3. Who do I submit invoices and payroll questions to?
Please submit invoices and questions regarding payroll to All emailed invoices will receive a confirmation of receipt. If you do not receive an email, please call the office to follow-up, (403) 226-5723.
4. What if I miss a payroll deadline?
If your invoice is not received on time, you will be paid out on the next payroll.
5. What if my pay is incorrect?
Please contact for payroll discrepancies.

R.O.T.O.R. & Employment


1. What is ROTOR?
ROTOR is Robert’s Mechanical’s proprietary online portal specially designed to register employees and subcontractors in our data-base. ROTOR allows employees/subcontractors to better manage their safety certificates so as to remain qualified (and therefore eligible) for RMS projects.
2. Why should I register with ROTOR?
All current and new employees and sub-contractors will be required to register with ROTOR. Only Employees and Subcontractors fully registered and qualified will be eligible for employment.
3. What happens when I submit my resume?
Upon our reception of your resume it will be reviewed and, if accepted, you will receive a temporary password that will allow you to continue the registration process.
4. What happens when I receive a registration package?
You will need to complete the online registration package and then await a suitable job position.
5. Do I need to remember the computer generated password?
No. When you first visit the site after receiving your temporary password you will be prompted to create your own permanent password.
6. What safety certificates are mandatory?
OSSA Confined Space
OSSA Fall Protection
Highly recommended: H2S, First Aid
7. Is there anything else I have to do once I’ve completed my registration on ROTOR?
Please keep your account information up to date. All personal information, certificates, etc. can be updated at any time by logging into your account. It is important to keep your records accurate and up to date as ROTOR will be the primary tool RMS will utilize to select individuals for their upcoming projects.
8. Will ROTOR let me know if a certificate has expired?
Yes; you will receive automatic notifications one month prior to your tickets expiring. Please ensure to update your ROTOR account once you have updated your tickets.
9. What happens to my data once it is uploaded?
Your information will be stored in a secure, encrypted on-line server. We will use your information for hiring, payroll, WCB clearance reporting, insurance monitoring, certificate verification and proof of qualifications.